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Reading Tips to Teach Your Child

How do I Clarify? Intermediate Readers

1. Look at pictures / captions.

2. Break word into syllables. (prefix, root word, suffix)

3. Read on and come back using context clues.

4. Try different sounds.

5. Ask yourself:

* Does it look right?

* Does it sound right?

* Does it make sense?

6. Look for help:

* Use a dictionary / glossary.

* Ask someone else.


I Can Think While I Read:

1. I can predict by using clues.

2. When I question, I ask something that can be answered while I read.

3. I can evaluate by making judgments about what I have read.

4. I am able to make a connection to self, text, or world.

5. I think the genre of this book is.....



1. What is the title?

2. Who is the author / illustrator?

3. What is the setting?

4. Who are the main characters?

5. What is the plot?

*Sequencing: order of events: beginning, middle, end

6. What is the problem / conflict?

7. What is the solution / resolution?

8. What is the lesson / theme?



1. What are the key points? (provide a summary)

2. What is the main idea(s)?

3. What are the supporting details?

Examples of what you learned

Key vocabulary words

4. How is the information organized?


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