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Reading With Your Kindergartener or First Grade Child....

Read with your child daily to greatly increase their success in school and in life.

As you read, point to each word.  This teaches directionality of left-to-right and top-to-bottom.

Read and reread favorite books.  Make this a special time with your child.

Ask questions about what happened in the story.

Have your child name the characters in the book.

Have your child point out popcorn words after you have finished the story. 

Let your child retell the story.

Encourage your child to finish sentences in books that you have read many times.

Encourage your child to attempt to read and to write.

Sound out words and let your child say the name of the letter that goes with the sound.


Here are some strategies to teach your child to use when reading:


What can I do when I'm stuck on a word?

  1.  Look at the picture.
  2. Get my mouth ready for the beginning sound.
  3. Read on and come back to the word.
  4. Put in a word that makes sense.                                          Example: The dog is ____? to his house.
  5. Look for the little parts of the word that I know.           Example:  candy    : c-and-y        
  6. Sound out the word.    Example:  /c/  .. /a/ ... /t/                                                                                   
  7. Is the word on the Word Wall?                  
  8. Ask someone for help.

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